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For tier 5 institutions, contact our subscription office for a quote (see contact information at bottom of page).


Primary/Secondary school (onsite access only) - Tier 1
Community, technical, or associates level (US), higher education college (UK); institute of technology (UK/Ireland), hochsule (Germany) - Tier 1
Undergraduate (baccalaureate) or master’s level/non PhD college/university - Tier 2
Doctorate-granting research university (single campus, or in single city, or student population <20K) - Tier 3
Medical school (independent from larger institution; onsite access only, student population <20K) - Tier 3
Statewide or any other doctorate-granting research university with student population >20K - Tier 4
University consortium or shared network - Tier 5

Private practice office or clinic - Tier 1
Residency program (independent from larger institution; onsite access only) - Tier 2
Nursing school or allied health training program, seminaries (e.g. chiropractic, physical therapy) - Tier 2
Community hospital or clinic (not a major teaching or clinical research facility) - Tier 2
Major teaching or research hospital (medical school-affiliated, multiple residency programs, regardless of population) - Tier 4
Healthcare network (multi-site shared access) - Tier 4

Public / Non-profit
General reference non-research public library, museum, or non-profit administrative office (government libraries not having major scientific research programs; on site access only) - Tier 1
Independent research library, museums with scientific research - Tier 2
Small non-profit or government research laboratory - Tier 2
Health policy or advocacy non-profit - Tier 2
Local or regional government agency/ministry (e.g. city or state public health authority) - Tier 2
Charitable organization - Tier 2
Professional society or trade union - Tier 2
Industry trade association - Tier 2
Private, non-profit research institute - Tier 3
Large non-profit/government research institute or national government agency - Tier 5
Consortia, state or national license - Tier 5

Small for-profit organization (e.g. small consulting partnership, law firm) - Tier 3
Mid-size for-profit organization (e.g. regional or national corporation) - Tier 4
Large for-profit organization (e.g. multinational corporation) - Tier 5

Questions about subscriptions?
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